3rd Point Of View - 3POV
3POV provides sensible ITOperations and Business consultancy and advisory services for organisations that require an unbiased third point of view on any initiative, project or organisational matter in need to be dealt with.
We leverage our extensive experience with PrivateEducation and Government sectors.

The 3POV edge
We deliver straightforward value based on our three pillars:
Pillar #1: Fair Dinkum Approach
We are straightforward and we will deliver to your expectations
  • We provide unbiased consulting and advisory services in a direct, sensible, and no-gimmicks fashion
  • We use plain language and follow common sense based on years of experience
  • We do not hide behind frameworks, technology or vendors
If you are not satisfied with our services, we will waive our consulting fees. Our SKIN is in YOUR game. That simple!
Pillar #2: Technology & Vendor Agnostic
Our core belief is that technology must support the business - not the other way around.
This belief means that 3POV is Technology & Vendor Agnostic to be able to provide unbiased advice - our only bias is to add value to your unique needs.

Our advice is completely independent and our recommendations are uniquely tuned to your organisation and your situation.
Our business model ensures we are Technology & Vendor Agnostic: 
  • We are not aligned with any technology or vendor
  • We do not get commissions from vendors or third parties
Pillar #3: Framework Agnostic
Frameworks ARE important. They provide a frame of reference upon which we can compare specific processes or practices.
However, we have often seen consulting advice utilising frameworks to hide behind them. Advice such as "according to COBIT" or "as per best practice" or "TOGAF says" are often an introduction to multiple caveats that do not provide value and are often not relatable to your situation.
  • In our advice, we may reference frameworks but we will never hide behind them
  • Our advice comes from us and not from a text book.
  • Our advice is straightforward unique to your situation